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A knowledgeable hotel owner engaged under a well reasoned contract can make a massive variation to the financial performance of a hotel investment and its ultimate capital value. Our Operator Selection Team has profound experience to figure out the key details and how to negotiate the details to protect the hotel owner’s interests.

The practice comprises of setting suitable success criteria, probing the market using our wide-ranging database and global network, finding a good brand match, assessing operator performance record, negotiating commercial keywords, ensuring that operating profits and any future asset disposal are not endangered, simultaneously working with the hotel owner’s legal team to bring the best financial performance of the hotels.

Our decisive endeavor is to make the most of operational performance and asset value. We can only do this by finding the most suitable operator, minimizing contractual risk and creating the conditions for an effective owner/operator relationship.

Moreover hotel contract specifics vary from country to country. A variety of hotel contracts like lease contracts, management contracts, franchise agreements etc are in existence. We have a global team experienced and holding expertise in this regard.

In some cases we need to have an amalgamation of various types of contracts to secure your hotel with the best interests. So maybe it’s a lease contracts, or a hotel franchise agreements or a hotel management agreements, each comes with their own qualities.

Our plan of action consists of first pre-marketing and briefing document, then searching for a suitable operator, and post it we move for the negotiation of the contract. All these three key steps are performed with utmost dedication to procure the best outcome.

The different types of contracts can be enlisted below:
  • Hotel Lease Agreements
  • Hotel Management Contracts
  • Hotel Franchise Agreements


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