Restaurant Concept Planning and Solutions

An appropriate operator can be a decisive success factor for the project development and to a certain level, for the sustainable, economic success of the hotel. A planned and methodical approach when searching for operators can make this easier and augment the probability of the success of the growth of the existing hotel.

With the increasing complexity of market conditions as a result of the growing number of available hotel brands, hotel operators and hotel groups, the search for a suitable operator is continually becoming trickier. We can aid you when searching for an operator for hotels that are still being planned, as well as for hotels that are already existent.

GKHS works directly with hotel owners to evaluate their business and legal necessities in order to choose the most suitable operating structure and brand. We provide expert advice to new-build developers and existing hotel investors.

Our wide-ranging market knowledge, hotel-specific expertise and, above all, our wide-reaching network make it possible for us to simplify and to pace up the operator search procedures as well as the process of recommending operators and, if compulsory, the resulting contract negotiations.


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